CEO & Founder Of Diamond Defense 💗 Imanee 


I’m a 22 year old mom. I have a daughter and every time we went some where especially at night  I was always  super nervous hearing & watching all the stories on the news seeing kids coming up missing, women be beat, killed, tortured or raped. I noticed how bad  human trafficking was getting & how many girls & women were just disappearing. Also personally experiencing things like when walking men stopping & asking if I wanted a ride following me . Getting harassed at gas station & Etc. I knew things needed to change and women needed to be able to go places without having to worry and look over there shoulders 24/7. I wanted to some how help be apart of the change & I’ve always loved empowering women and making them feel confident  so that’s when I thought  of starting a self defense business for women to feel protected & confident when going places & to do it in style . Defense products have always been so plain and masculine looking. My goal is to  make defense products stylish & empower women through our stylish self defense products and make them feel safe in style.